Groom Pro Pet Grooming Software, Grooming Business Appointment Software

Make more money in less time & win clients, join Groom Pro - FREE Trial!

Make more money, FREE Trial!

Free updates forever

Your Groom Pro system will be updated automatically (and frequently) to keep your grooming business at the forefront of today's technology. These upgrades, often costly from other vendors, are 100% free of charge and seamless in their deployment.

Virtually Limitless

We've based the Groom Pro system on a model of unlimited growth for your business, and as such, we provide you with the same limitless access to your groom pro account. There are no limits on the number of clients, pets, employees, calendars, vehicles, or records when using our system.

One low, flat rate

Groom Pro was designed with the average pet grooming business in mind and keeping up with the big dogs has never been easier with access to enterprise class business tools available to every Groom Pro client for the same low monthly rate and there are no costly add-ons or upgrades to purchase.


Groom Pro pet grooming software reduces the back-work associated with recurring grooming clients and their past grooms. Easily reference records and know exactly which blades and shears were used on the last satisfactory groom. Retain records on pet health concerns such as slipping kneecap, allergies, and other important notes to ensure the highest level of service and safety for your grooming client's pets.


Built for grooming salon business

We understand the expanded service potential of a grooming salon business. With the potential for multiple groomers working simultaneously to create the magic of a successful grooming salon, the need often arises for concurrent appointments. Groom Pro easily handles multiple simultaneous appointments to allow your grooming business to run the way you want it to.


Built for mobile grooming business

Mobile grooming is a completely different animal from a standard grooming salon, and we understand the unique requirements mobile groomers have in their business. Groom Pro was designed around a solid, field-proven successful business model for mobile grooming and will help your mobile business succeed in the wilds of the open road.